The Chemical Maze Review....Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients and Food Additive Effects

Do you want to know more about the harmful cosmetic ingredients and food additives in your everyday items?

The CHEMICAL MAZE - Shopping Companion, written by Bill Statham, is a great little pocket size book which you can carry around with you while you shop. It breaks down the myriad of information out there on chemicals, additives, preservatives and other nasties found in your everyday items.

I religiously look at the ingredients listing of any product that I have not purchased before. If anything looks unfamiliar I simply grab my book and find out the facts on the harmful cosmetic ingredients and the potential effects to the body. I can then make a quick and informed decision on whether to purchase or not. It's an essential part of my shopping experience.

There are two sections to the book. The first is a numerical list of food additives approved for use in Australia and New Zealand. Section two lists in alphabetical order ingredients that may be found in cosmetics and personal care products.

TIP: You may be surprised to discover your regular personal care items are not as safe as you thought.

This is the harsh reality and as Bill Statham quotes, "A significant number of chemicals added to foods and cosmetics could cause or exacerbate health problems such as asthma, dermatitis, itchy skin rash, hives, migraines, hay fever, gastric upsets, behavioral problems, hyperactivity, learning difficulties and many others".

Bill also states, "Some of these chemicals are found to be toxic to our body organs and systems like the liver, kidneys, heart, thymus and brain, and in immune, nervous, hormonal, reproductive and endocrine systems".

If you would like to know more please Contact Me . I recommend the CHEMICAL MAZE as a simple and effective guide. Use it to increase your knowledge so that you really can avoid the many harmful cosmetic ingredients. Your body will thank you for it.

The price of ignorance and apathy can be very high indeed. We do not have to pay that price. Bill Statham.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Resources at The Environmental Illness Resource. Includes information, news and research updates, doctor authored articles and forums.

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