Experience sleeping between Organic Cotton Sheets for a brilliant night's sleep

Looking to sleep soundly overnight in between a pair of certified organic cotton sheets? Or perhaps thinking of purchasing a set of beautiful organic cotton baby clothing for your little one?

I can tell you that, from personal experience, I know you will begin a life long love affair with the amazing softness, high quality and durability of certified organic cotton. You can also take enormous pride in the fact that you are avoiding exposure to a number of nasty pesticides and herbicides found in the production of conventional cotton. In fact the cotton industry is responsible for 10% of all the pesticides used and nearly 23% of insecticide sales in the world for agricultural purposes.

Organic fabrics are produced in ways that do not harm the environment or exploit people who assist in making them. The fabric made from organic cotton does not receive any chemical treatment. It is also naturally stronger because its fibers have not been damaged by harsh chemicals. Conventional cotton products also tend to wear out faster than organic ones so you are having to spend your well earnt money to replace your clothing more often.

Today a wide variety of products are available to purchase that are made from organic cotton and fabrics such as linen and hemp. You can find organic cotton towels, underwear, clothing, mattresses, blankets, pillows, hats and jeans to name a few. See www.aboutorganicotton.org to learn all about organic grown cotton and why it is beneficial for you and our planet.

As I have 3 young children myself, I believe that tucking them into bed at night underneath organic cotton sheets, wearing their pure organic cotton sleepwear, is another small way of caring for their health.

Children spend so much time in bed and a natural chemical-free environment to sleep in is vital. It is important that we as well as our precious children wear pure clothing and that we only eat foods of the highest quality to give us a true sense of vitality, energy and a glowing complexion. Organic bedding is untreated and conforms to international organic standards. It is comfortable, durable, soft to touch and made from fine pure raw materials gentle on the skin.

Many non-organic children's sheets, pillows, mattresses duvet covers and more have been treated with chemicals such as formaldehyde, strong bleaches, dyes and other harsh chemicals which should be avoided.

Organic cotton for adults is also becoming increasingly popular. Slipping on your favourite organic cotton t-shirt is a wise decision. You are not only protecting our precious environment but you are also nurturing your own health and wellbeing for our future generations.

So many of us are suffering from unsightly skin conditions and poor health in general. We need to take a look at, not just the food we consume and/or the skin and body products we use on our skin, but the clothing we wear on a daily basis, the pillow we lay our head down on for hours every night and bedding we snuggle up to and cover our bodies with.

"Nothing beats drifting off to sleep under a soft pair of organic cotton sheets!

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