Choose Organic and Avoid the Dangers of Pesticides

The dangers of pesticides has been linked to a wide variety of modern illnesses including fertility problems, chronic fatigue, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), asthma, depression and others.

By adopting an organic lifestyle, e.g. purchasing organic products with the official organic food logos, you are supporting organic farmers and protecting and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. At the same time you are also improving your health. Click for Benefits of Organic Farming Since going organic my family and I have enjoyed better health, an increased respect for nature and a love of the simple things in life.

It is also more than just pesticides in our food that we need to avoid. Food is often the first step we can take but there are many hundreds of chemicals we use in our environment and on our bodies each day that increase the toxic load.

Harmful synthetic chemicals can be found in products we have in our kitchen, bathroom, laundry, clothing, furniture, pet treatments and more. There are now many certified organic alternatives! Do you like the idea of your children and or future generations being able to visit and play in beautiful pristine rainforests, open country fields full of wildflowers, watch wild-life in their natural environment and swim in unpolluted waters? Then the decision to avoid exposure to hazardous synthetic chemicals and the dangers of pesticides should be an easy one.

Go Organic, Go Certified Organic. It's Essential!!!

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