What is Organic Gardening Compost?

Compost is a versatile and nutritious material that looks like rich dark soil. Organic gardening compost turns waste into food for soil organisms and nutrients for plants. It is made of recycled kitchen and garden waste, is used to feed and condition the earth, and in making potting mixes.

Any organic matter (once living) will break down, transferring its nutrients to the compost. There are worms, bacteria, fungi enzymes at work breaking everything down.

How to make good compost

Compost bins and compost heaps are two quite different methods of compost making. Bins are great to make small amounts, however they can often become to wet from kitchen waste. A compost heap though is a two person job. One person needs to hold the hose to thoroughly wet all the material while the other constructs the layers. It is naturally drier.

  • Variety: Don't add too much of one thing, add variety of small scraps such as autumn leaves, lawn and garden clippings, straw, paper, food scraps
  • Heat: Works best in a warm environment, compost needs to be big to create heat (Approximately 1 cubic metre in size)
  • Air: If you introduce air to the heap and turn it regularly, composting speeds up
  • Moisture: Essential and slightly moist is best, not wet

Compost can be made in 6-8 weeks or can take 1 year or more. You can build a bin yourself or purchase one at a garden centre. Place the bin out of direct sunlight but where there's still warmth generated with easy access. Compost looks a lot like good soil if everything goes well with no nasty smell.

The compost bin we have is called Aerobin

which is made in Australia and can be shipped worldwide. It is absolutely fantastic and requires no turning with great results producing soil and a liquid fertilizer.

TIP: Avoid using any meat, cat or dog poo, diseased plants, fruit that is fly infected, plastics, tin, glass, fish, coal or magazines.

How to use Compost?

Dig into the soil or spread it on top of the soil as a mulch and gentle fertilizer, or as an ingredient in making good quality potting mix.

Organic gardening compost is a versatile and nutritious material. It is an essential ingredient in your healthy garden. We use it mostly to assist the soil in our veggie patch and have seen a big difference in the result of our end product.

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling", Mirabel Osler.

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